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Brows are often left untouched, but one look at Zendaya, Cara Delevingne or Khaleesi and you’ll instantly be reminded of the powerful effect of bold, defined arches. And lucky for us, there are about a zillion ways to shape and define them in order to achieve supermodel status. But what shape works best for your face? YouCam Makeup is releasing its latest Beauty Buzz: Brow Edition, which reveals the top eyebrow shapes tried on in June on its app.

#1 Straight Slope
Bold with a gentle upwards slope, it adds just enough definition for a polished, defined look that flatters every face shape. Tried on by 198,548 people in June 2016.

#2 Softly Rounded
A straight brow can look severe, but gently rounded ends create a softer look that is equal parts bold and beautiful. Tried on by 153,521 people in June 2016.

#3 Impeccably Arched 
High arches introduce sharp angles that add a vertical lift to the face. Tried on by 131,964 people in June 2016.

#4 Soft and Feathered 
The feathered base and low slope of the arch subtly define individual hairs and gently frame the eyes. Tried on by 108,501 people in June 2016.

#5 Tight Brow 
Trace a long, wide arch that follows the entire length of the brow bone for subtle definition. Tried on by 107,811 people in June 2016.

Adapted from: YouCam Makeup