As a company that shapes over 1 million brows each year, we have seen the best and the worst of brows. Though we shape brows to compliment the persons facial shape and features, there is not doubt that as in most things worth loving, trends are in!

Audry Hepburn rocked a fuller brow, bringing both an element of confidence, and youth to her natural beauty.  Her brows became a defining feature, helping to frame her face, and eyes to perfection.

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We’ve watched closely as models such as Cara Delevingne brought big, dark brows back, becoming her trademark feature, and starting the modern brow trend of the bigger the better.

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And in recent weeks, found flourishing on fashions runways, another brow trend is emerging, which is that of big brows left completely natural!

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Though this bohemian trend is easily sported by the worlds most beautiful fashion models, for everyday, we feel groomed brows should prevail. Our advice?  Go for the big brows, just keep them neat and in place, and enjoy the best a brow has to offer!

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