The Conceal Light

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The Hi-Lite Pearl

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The Finish Wax

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The Brow Crayon

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Finding Gratitude In Times Of Sadness by Sumita Batra

I love that I have my sense of right and wrong from following my mother’s footsteps, but the musical side of me, my whimsy for the ethereal and pure joy of listening to amazing music, hands down came from my father. Tomorrow, he would have turned 80, and it strikes me that he lived his […]

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Wax On, Wax Off!

As we’ve been offering huge discounts on hair removal packages over the last few weeks, we thought we’d give you some helpful tips about how to keep your skin soft and supple in the days and weeks after your wax.

Stay sensible

Temperatures are heating up and your legs are silky smooth, but do the right […]

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Daylight Savings Here We Come by Sumita Batra

This Sunday at 2am, we get to travel time except it’s in our mind. I love Spring, and all that it promises: Rejuvenation, New Season, and a chance to know that 1/4 of the year has passed. It is time to reflect, and know that just time, we get to move forward and onward towards […]

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4 Waxing Skincare Tips

With Ziba Beauty’s amazing waxing package offers in full swing, we wanted to give you some tips on caring for your skin before your appointment.

Right now, you can save money on a combination of hair removal treatments including full leg, arm and bikini waxes, chin and upper lip threading, eyebrow shaping and underarm waxing.

Here are […]

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New Month, New Beginnings by Sumita Batra

Each moment we have is a chance to stay over, to be the person you know you can be. I take the mornings as my chance to create a day that is joyful, full of gratitude, and one of being in service.  It is easy to get lost in to do lists, worries and wishing […]

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Waxing Special

Ziba Beauty has gone waxing crazy and is offering a great range of deals to get you hair-free and silky smooth in the run up to that summer sunshine.


As experts in the Art of Waxing, our team will make sure your appointment is as comfortable as possible and offer the highest standard in body, brow […]

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