About Us


Ziba means Beautiful.

Our family was the first to bring the ancient tradition of brow and body artistry to the West, beginning with Ziba Beauty and continuing the tradition with Sumita Beauty. At Sumita Beauty & Ziba Beauty, we bring all of our authentic experience to give you the very best experience and results. We define an entirely new level of service, with our expertly trained beauty artists, our proprietary products and our clean, modern, fashionable studios. In the end, what matters is the way you feel in our studio and how you feel after you leave. You won't get that from a kiosk or a brow bar. We're setting a new standard, level of service, and a different category of experience.

Sumita Beauty & Ziba Beauty. Bringing authentic Eastern beauty to the modern world. 

We invite you to experience the difference! 


Much love,
Sumita Batra | CEO


The Ziba Beauty Story

“Naturally, everybody is beautiful, and your inner beauty has to reflect on your face.” Kundan Sabarwal spoke those words, which later became the mission of Ziba Beauty: to introduce the Western world to the Eastern beauty traditions that would soon change the face of the beauty industry.

In 1989, Sabarwal and her daughters, Suman and Sumita, modernized the ancient Indian street art of eyebrow threading, opening a 400 square-foot retail space in Southern California called Ziba Beauty. And thus, The Art of Threading® was born. The West had long grown accustomed to the pain and imperfection of waxing and tweezing unwanted hair. Ziba Beauty’s threading technique was precise and virtually painless. Its introduction upended the West’s “beauty is pain” model. Soon after the opening of their first studio, the demand became so incredible that it was time for Ziba Beauty to expand. Ziba Beauty began popping-up in malls and other locations. The company also increased their clientele by offering a larger variety of services, including: waxing, skincare, makeup and bridal services.

Beginning with that first tiny storefront, Ziba Beauty now currently operates 15 studios in California. Outside California, Sumita Beauty International offers franchises under the Sumita Beauty brand.

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