Finding Gratitude In Times Of Sadness by Sumita Batra

I love that I have my sense of right and wrong from following my mother’s footsteps, but the musical side of me, my whimsy for the ethereal and pure joy of listening to amazing music, hands down came from my father. Tomorrow, he would have turned 80, and it strikes me that he lived his […]

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Daylight Savings Here We Come by Sumita Batra

This Sunday at 2am, we get to travel time except it’s in our mind. I love Spring, and all that it promises: Rejuvenation, New Season, and a chance to know that 1/4 of the year has passed. It is time to reflect, and know that just time, we get to move forward and onward towards […]

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New Month, New Beginnings by Sumita Batra

Each moment we have is a chance to stay over, to be the person you know you can be. I take the mornings as my chance to create a day that is joyful, full of gratitude, and one of being in service.  It is easy to get lost in to do lists, worries and wishing […]

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Daily Gratitude by Sumita Batra

Each day is a chance to live a life of legacy. It is my mantra, and I try daily to be the best person I am capable of being. I admit it is not always easy. There are days when it is easier to blame others or be ungrateful for my blessings, but when I […]

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Life of Gratitude by Sumita Batra

My mom taught me the art of gratitude. Even when her back ached from threading hundreds of clients on a busy day, her smile and dedication to her craft lit up our small store. Her determination, intelligence and passion infused into me a deep sense of doing more than making money. With each cleaned and/or […]

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New Year, New Possibilities

I love the smell of a year. It invites possibility, adventure, the chance for do overs or just plain new experiences. I try every so often to sit with a steaming cup of green tea, and reflect on the lessons from the previous year. Personally, 2016 was one of the toughest I had faced […]

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The Power of EYE EM

On October 1, Ziba Beauty will launch two new eye kits under the collection, EYE EM: The Essential Collection. The Eye Pencil Trio kit and the Gel Liner + Brush Trio kit, containing Ziba’s best-selling eye products, will retail for $29 and only available while stocks last.

As with all Ziba Cosmetics, 10% of proceeds from […]

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The Shukar Project

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ZIBA BEAUTY LAUNCHES THE SIGNATURE COLLECTION  Ziba Beauty knows brows. We are proud to combine 30 years of industry-leading experience in brow artistry to create a signature line, curated to perfect your arch. Every product has been years in the making and carefully selected from tried and tested bestsellers, at our Ziba Beauty studios. You will […]

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EmDidi – The Ziba Team in Cambodia

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