This Sunday at 2am, we get to travel time except it’s in our mind. I love Spring, and all that it promises: Rejuvenation, New Season, and a chance to know that 1/4 of the year has passed. It is time to reflect, and know that just time, we get to move forward and onward towards our goals. It is also a great reminder that once we accept our situation and environment, we can get back to our goals.

So I plan to use this first Sunday to inspect my vision, that of empowerment through artistry, and reflect on how else we can bring more beauty and joy in people’s lives. It is befitting I have eldest daughter by side to remind me how far I have come along, and what is possible when we put our mind on creating a better world.

So besides Gratitude, I will practice Vision over circumstance, and know that with Spring not only comes a new season, but a renewed chance to live a life of legacy!