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Thirty years ago, in a small, 400 square foot studio, Ziba Beauty began based on the belief that everybody is naturally beautiful, and inner beauty is best expressed through the eyes. Today we look much different but our passion and intention remain unchanged. Through the Art of Threading we highlight the distinctiveness every person we treat, and bring out the most important feature on the face – the eyes.

Ziba Beauty is rooted in Eastern tradition and will always stay true to its core and mission. However we have a pioneering spirit, the beauty industry is dynamic, and want to do more. As we explore different products and services we’d love your input. What would you like from us?

Below is a brief survey. Please take a minute to let us know more about you, and how we can better meet your beauty and product needs. In exchanged for feedback we’re giving a free eyeliner pencil to the first 500 responders.

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Upon completion of the survey you’ll receive a 5 digit code. Bring this code to the studio on your next visit to redeem your free eyeliner pencil . Your time, thoughts and preferences are greatly appreciated!