For many of us styling and accessorizing is a lot of fun. We do it everyday we get dressed, fix our hair and or brighten up the house with fresh flowers, new throw pillows or coffee table books. However something you might be missing – or underemphasizing – is perhaps the most important. Your eyebrows! Making sure your brow style is on point punctuates your look and starts your day off right. Eyebrows frame the most important feature on your face and enhance your overall facial structure.

There are 2 simple steps to beautiful brows, shape and finish.


The artistry of gorgeous brows comes down to good ol’ geometry. Shaping your brows is all about assessing angles and the placement of your facial features and contour – which means your perfect brow shape is special to YOU and YOUR pretty face. This is why the help of a professional Brow Artist is key to getting your brows in shape. It’s easier, fool proof and far safer than the tweezer.

So how do you get beautiful brows designed especially for you? Two ways:


Threading is clean and chemical free hair removal technique that uses thread (not exactly the kind you sew with but similar) to remove hair. Thread is wrapped around the hair and pulls it out directly from the follicle. It’s a highly specialized and effective treatment that is extremely precise, gentle on the skin and only takes 5-10 minutes. Unlike waxing, which requires the hair to be a certain length, threading can remove very short and fine hairs without breakage.


Similar to threading, waxing pulls hair directly from the root. If you prefer waxing, choose a natural recipe that is equally effective and less irritating, like Ziba’s. With this service, the wax is smeared on top of the skin, then hardens around the hairs, and swiftly lifted to remove the hair.


Similar to the way mascara finishes your eye makeup, brow makeup finishes the eyebrow. Brow crayons, pencils, pomades and highlighters are great for filling in and enhancing what nature gave you. They can also extend the life of your shaping treatment!

Before you finish your brows take a minute to know your options. Flip through any magazine or scroll through Instagram and you’ll spot (and probably covet) the bold brows on friends, celebs, and influencers. Full brows are in and the trend seems here to stay, so embrace it! Luckily most everyone CAN have a bold brow nowadays.

Here are 3 ways to achieve the look:


Bold and Angular

This styling technique is all about accentuating your brow arch. Create a crisp, solid line along the base of the brow with a brow crayon and blend with a brow pomade working from the bottom up to the top. Finally, fill in any patchy areas of brow with a brow crayon. Use a highlighter above and below the brow line to really define the brow.



This is a natural look with a focus on texture. First, fill your brows in with a true match brow crayon. Then, using a brow crayon that is one shade darker than the crown, flick upward through the brow creating the look of little hairs, especially at the inner brow.



For this brow style, the goal is to create a fluid perimeter with less emphasis on crisp lines. Play up the shape of your brow with volume and color using a brow crayon and pomade.

Your best accessories are the brows you are born with. Style them right and walk out the door with confidence.