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Multi-Task Brush


The ultimate five in one grooming tool with a comb that

separates lashes and brows, a brush that smooths

brows perfectly into place, and a tapered brush tip

ideal for apply and blending brow powder. It is a must-have for any makeup bag!





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  • Double sided brow grooming tool
  • Bristle brush and comb expertly separates lashes and brows
  • Brushes brows into place
  • Soft, angled brush tip applies and blends brow powder flawlessly



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Tonya Giver

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I read that Vogue had voted it The BEST brow tool - now I know why!! I can groom and separate my brows and lashes with the brush/comb tip AND blend and apply brow powder with the perfect size angle brush tip on the other! My brows have never looked better - this is a must have!

Multi Task Brush

Use the comb to separate brows and lashes The bristle brush expertly grooms brows into place The angled brush tip is ideal for applying and blending brow powder and for applying gel liners.