Dreis Van Noten is known as a most cerebral designer.  From his use of color and patterns, to the uniquely feminine and architectural value of his designs, he remains on top of fashions most wanted list.  And this season, he added an elevated touch of street saavy we simply fell in love with!

as seen on fashionizer.com

So what was the touch that started our hearts racing?  Why, a touch of gold!  As the global leader in body artistry, we understand the value of temporary body art. This simple application of gold lined vertically on the bottom lip was made to look like a lip ring, but without the hardware – which we completely appreciated as our runway to realway top choice.

as seen on glamour.com

This fall calls for a nude face, made beautiful with subtle hints of “flushed” color on the cheeks and lips.  We love a groomed, yet very natural brow to help frame the face in the absence of more dramatic eyeshadow.

as seen on bustle.com

There are many ways to get this look, and if you are already a fan of Sumita Beauty, then check out Sona Mini Contrast Pencil.  Inspired by pure gold, this liner will give gorgeous color as an accent to the lip, and also works brilliantly to highlight and accentuate the eyes.  Making it even more irresistable, is that its a mini eyeliner – you can carry it in your handbag to refresh your look as needed all day….and all night.

To a fall filled with all that glitters is gold!