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The Art of Mehndi®

"When Sumita Hennas my hands and feet, I am transported to another time and place- a world of magic, passion and romance." 


The Art of Mehndi® in meaning varies from a simple temporary henna tatoo, to a celebration of women, hope, transition, growth, spirituality, good fortune, adornment and above all, pure beauty.  Mehndi has been around for centuries, and is thought to bring good luck to the wearer.  The Art of Mehndi® studies the history of design and symbolism, creating henna tatoos that are filled with meaning, and extraordinary beauty.  


The Art of Glitter Mehndi allows you to create beautiful, sparkling body art that can be worn alone or to accent traditional mehndi designs.

 Glitter Mehndi started as a new form of Mendi for South Asian brides, and has now become the most sought after service for special occasions.  Glitter Mehndi can be applied in numerous, highly artistic ways, and can last up to 3 days. In addition, Glitter Mehndi can be adorned with bindi's, rhinestones and other body jewels to create spectacular body art.

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