The Art of Mehndi ®

The above quote was given to Sumita Batra, Ziba Beauty CEO, by Madonna for the cover of her book, The Art of Mehndi, published by Carlton Books and Penguin Viking. You can buy a signed copy of her book by clicking HERE.

Mehndi has been around for centuries and has crossed all barriers of caste, religion and distance. It is considered a celebration of women, hope, transition, growth, spirituality, good fortune, adornment and above all, pure beauty. Mehndi, the hindi word for Henna, is made from the crushed leaves of the henna plant, and has been used traditionally to color the skin as long as five thousand years ago. In India, North Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, henna is seen as a blessing with the power to bring the wearer happiness and wealth. Most Mehndi designs are linked to religious beliefs and practices. This temporary body art leaves a deep red to dark burgundy stain on the wearer’s skin, the designs sharing a story of tradition, auspiciousness and beauty. At Ziba Beauty, The Art of Mehndi, represents a spiritual and therapeutic experience that focuses on design and symbolism derived from Sumita Batra’s book The Art of Mehndi. Our artists are world-renowned and travel extensively for special projects and events.

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The Art of Glitter Mehndi ®

This art form combines style and art to allow you to create beautiful, sparkling body art that can be worn alone or to accent traditional mehndi designs. Glitter Mehndi started as a new form of Mehndi for South Asian brides and has now

become the most sought after service for special occasions. Glitter Mehndi is applied with a specially formulated medical level adhesive, that is safe for the skin, and extra fine glitter (available in 20 colors) and can last up to 3 days. In addition, Glitter Mehndi can be adorned with bindis, rhinestones and other body jewels to create spectacular body art, and has been worn by clients such as Naomi Campbell and Jennifer Aniston. Our artists are hired to paint at parties, openings, launches and special events. This is a popular art form for proms and wedding receptions. We also receive a lot of requests for Glitter Mehndi for Halloween.

At Ziba Beauty, our artists have been certified in The Art of Mehndi and are available by appointment at any of our studios or in your home. You may also book us to enhance your special occasion or for Bridal Henna by emailing or by calling (562) 402-5131.

Bridal Mehndi

Premium Bridal Mehndi
Our premium bridal mehndi offers an ornate design which reads like an intricately woven story. The delicacy and finesse with which the artist works to create this design is reflected in the art itself.

Price: $750

Regular Bridal Mehndi
Although not as extensive as our premium package, our regular bridal mehndi offers a similarly ornate and beautiful design.

Price: $500

Book a Mehndi Artist

Regular In-Studio Design
The Art of Mehndi by Sumita Batra, CEO of Ziba Beauty, has an array of designs for clients to choose from. The prices vary depending on design and intricacy.
Price: $10 – $75

Party Packages

Our Mehndi party packages are ideal for private occasions such as Sangeet/ Mehndi functions for weddings, birthday parties etc. These packages include a Ziba Beauty Mehndi Artist who will come to you personally with our Art of Mehndi design book for you to select designs from. We cater to all needs and special occasions, and can customize a package for your party based on the number of guests, location, etc. Below are two sample package options:

Party Package 1
This package includes 1 artist for 4 hours and is ideal for a small occasion for 10 people or less, or for one bride (hands and feet).
Price: $500

Party Package 2
This package includes 2 artists for 3 hours. It caters to a larger audience of approximately 18-20 people.
Price: $600

Each additional hour per artist is $125. Unlimited Mehndi designs. Bridal Glitter Mehndi is also available.

You can also purchase fresh Mehndi cones from us for $15.


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