For years, the most available method of shaping eyebrows was waxing.  As threading has become a more easily found option, the question is, which is better – threading or waxing?

Though both shaping methods can produce beautiful results, as a company who specializes in The Art of Threading, here’s what our brow experts and clients are saying their top 3 reasons are for choosing the ancient art of threading as their top choice.


Threading gives the Artist complete control and precision.  The Artist is able to remove a single hair, or line of hair to achieve the best shape.  As seen here, the model’s brows are perfectly shaped with a clean, defined brow and soft, arching shape that tapers naturally from the inside corner to the tail of the brow.

With waxing, the Artist gives up some control and very often, a tell tale sign of waxing is a “hooked brow”. As the Artist smoothes wax under the brow to clean and shape the arch, rather than a smooth even taper, the wax will spread when removed, will create an inner corner that appears thick that transitions into an arch that looks dramatic and thin.  To try to avoid this hooked shape, Artists may wax the lid, and then tweeze close to the brow to try to avoid the hook, but 9 times of out 10, the shape with wax will definitely have a hooked effect.


Threading is ideal for sensitive skin. Threading has little contact with the skin as the thread is gliding over the skin. Waxing however coats the skin and hair, pulling both when the hair is removed.  This “ripping” effect can cause sensitive skin to turn red and feel very tender.  Another point to consider is that threading uses a cotton string to remove hair, whereas even the most natural waxes can contain resins, preservatives, fragrances and ingredients that can cause sensitive skin to react.


Waxing pulls the skin, and the nature of wax removal can disrupt the delicate skin around the eyes and brows.  Though no scientific study exists, many women believe repeated waxing can cause the skin to lose elasticity and may result in drooping lids, or a more aged looking eye area before its time.  Scientific proof or not, for the women who have waxed and then moved to threading, they feel the skin of the lids and brows is in better condition with threading than with waxing.  AND because the shape with threading is so precise, their brows are natural and full, and their eyes appear more bright, open and youthful.  Especially for our beautiful baby-boomers, the trend in brows once was a thinner shape, and with frequent waxing and tweezing over time, they are finding the hair does not grow back.  This can give even the most lovely faces a dated look.

If you are experiencing thin, overshaped brows, we recommend a brow growth serum, and then shaping by thread to keep your brows, and eyes looking young and beautiful!

Find these points helpful, or have a few more you’d like to share? We’d love to know!