My mom taught me the art of gratitude. Even when her back ached from threading hundreds of clients on a busy day, her smile and dedication to her craft lit up our small store. Her determination, intelligence and passion infused into me a deep sense of doing more than making money. With each cleaned and/or shaped eyebrow, she took great pride in the gratitude clients expressed to her as they looked at themselves in the mirror. And then also was her habit to express gratitude for all that we did or didn’t have. Each celebration or milestone began with thanks. She was my inspiration for the Shukar Initiative (Shukar means Thank you in Hindi( as well as handing Shukar cards to each client. I truly believe that good things happen when we all practice gratitude.
Too often, we get caught up in what we do not have. With the onslaught of media, and the present political climate, it is easy to drown in fear of loss or worry about what we don’t have. Yet real happiness occurs only when we count our blessings not our bank balance.
So today, take a moment, however slight, to recognize of what you do have not what you don’t. Until next time. Shukriya.